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Providing Houston with the finest 
Carolina Fraser Firs!



We are very excited to be partnering with Trinity, LLC this year and celebrating our 35th consecutive year coming to Houston.  One of the greatest benefits of our new partnership with Trinity is the new facility will provide us the opportunity to once again offer our customers a “Pick-Up” option when purchasing their tree.

New Location Address:
4813 Larkin St,
Houston, TX 77007



The website is now open to take preorders for both delivery and pick-ups on October, 1 and will remain open through October, 31, or while tree supplies last.  Just click on the "Buy A Tree" tab above to go to our shopping cart and place your order. We will again offer our customers a 10% savings on both trees and stands during this time.

Tree selection and pick-up/delivery times are available on a first come first serve basis. All final checkout pricing includes applicable sales tax.  Only the sizes listed on the website (5 ½ foot to 10 ½ foot) are available.  To place your preorder, click on the “Buy a Tree” tab from our main website.


Deliveries this year will begin on Tuesday November, 20 through Tuesday December, 11.  Delivery includes unbaling, fresh cut, stand installation, pruning, set up and filling of the water bowl.

We will have three weekends for tree pickup: November, 23 through the 25; November, 30 through December, 2 ; December, 7 through December, 9.  Pickup includes baling, fresh cut, stand installation (PTL stands only) and loading/securing to vehicle.   

If you have any questions you may contact us at 713-703-7930 or by emailing us at info@popetreelot.com.


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